Oct/Nov(09) Lisbon Ana Trincão / Acerina Amador(PT/ES)

Untitled : “Pursuing intimacy?”

This project is the first inconsumivel colaboration, held by Ana Trincão e Acerina Amador.

Pursuing intimacy is about the evolution of concepts.
Is about peeople and their social environment.

What intimacy means? How can it be defined?
What it represents as a space in contemporary society? 
What happens to intimacy with the developing of technology/internet?
What means today faceboock, twiter, big brother, second life, how this platforms potanciate intimacy, what have they neglected in the field of social relations.
How capitalism used and abused intimacy to empower it self?
What is public, private and desire if thought as concepts in relation with?

“The ancient Chinese, when they had a secret which could not tell anyone else came up high in the mountains and looked for a tree. In this tree made a hole in it and told all their secrets.Then cover the hole with clay so that its secrets stayed stuck there forever”

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.What do you do to hide the shame?

.Have  you feel so ridiculous that only wanted to hide yourself in a hole?

. Have you ever felt an enormous desire to end it all, and walk away?

. Have you ever felt a great desire to communicate with someone and felt unable to do so?

. Are you afraid that new things  born because you know that you will see disappear?

. Have you  broken promises?

. Have you accepted the inability to stop time?

. What do you do when you get what you want?

. Have you ever dreamed of being the best?

. Have you  loved so much that it was impossible to imagine life without this person / otherwise?

 . What do you think when you fail?

. Sometimes you want to be someone else?

. More important: the means or the ends?

 . Do you hate what you love?

.You feel things unexplained?

. What is essential?

. Have you ever felt a pain so acute that suddenly things no longer make sense?

. Is there any part of your body / yourself that you  strive to hide?

. Have you yield?

. You know how  to get out of bed?

. Were you  able to change?

. You feel attraction for the impossible?

. What do you do with what you can not forgive?

. You feel empty spaces inside of you?

. Can you see the beauty on your side?

. Do you Wait for someone you know that does not come back?



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